WMF World Adventure Golf Tour Final 2023/24 Knockout Final

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Tournament Director and Head Referee

Pasi Aho (WMF)


Karolina Jandova (WMF)


Andrew Edmonds (WAGT)
Karolina Jandova (WMF)
James Rutherford (Great Britain)

Due to a technical difficulties, the first round results were written manually after the first round was finished.

The first semifinal Riha-Ansley will start at 14:00. The second one Skoupy-Svihel right after the first match.

The final match Svihel-Ansley will start at 15:25.


8 - part-final R1 Quarter-final R2 Semi-final R3 Final R4 Winner
Martin Skoupý 30 Martin Skoupý 30 Martin Skoupý 32 Ladislav Švihel 33 Ladislav Švihel
Miroslav Chmelka 35
Martin Lundell 29 Gunnar Bengtsson 32
Gunnar Bengtsson 29
Patrick Riener 36 Roman Král 33 Ladislav Švihel 29
Roman Král 30
Seve Kukielka 31 Ladislav Švihel 30
Ladislav Švihel 30
Ondřej Mlčoch 32 Michal Říha 28 Michal Říha 32 Matt Ansley 34
Michal Říha 31
Marek Smejkal 30 Marek Smejkal 30
Marko Nuotio 32
Jiři Kratochvil 33 Tommi Lantta 32 Matt Ansley 31
Tommi Lantta 33
Lukáš Kučera 29 Matt Ansley 31
Matt Ansley 28

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