Youth World Championships

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Tournament info

Date: 2022-08-13   Start time: 08:00

Promotor: World Minigolf Sport Federation

Organizer: Deutscher Minigolfsport Verband

Course: MGC Murnau am Staffelsee e.V. (MOS)

Tournament type: Individual cup (knock out)

48 players

Female Youth (16), Male Youth (32)

8 countries

AUT (11), GER (11), CZE (9), SWE (9), ITA (4), SUI (2), BEL (1), NED (1)


Maciej MADROWSKI Logo Polen
World Minigolfsport Federation Logo Polen
Vice president youth

Maciej MADROWSKI Logo Polen
Pasi AHO Logo Polen
Frederick MIEßNER Logo Polen

Christian SOMNITZ (Head referee) Logo Polen
Peter HELM Logo Polen
Aku LEHTIMÄKI Logo Polen
Edy SCHIBLI Logo Polen
Stefan ZISCHG Logo Polen

Frederick MIEßNER Logo Polen
Stefan GRUBER Logo Polen

Anita SCHLAGER Logo Polen
Jennifer HELM Logo Polen
Claudia JUNG Logo Polen

Peter HELM Logo Polen
Anita SCHLAGER Logo Polen

Lena HOOGEN Logo Polen

LANE REFEREES - concrete lane 2
Hans Jürgen THÖLKE Logo Polen
Franz WEISER Logo Polen

First - third day of competition, 09th - 11th August - Strokeplay

Fourth day of competition, 12h August - Mixed Pairs

Fifth day of competition, 13th August
Start at 08:00 am
End at 04:00 pm

C1 = lane 2, C2 = lane 5, C3 = lane 9, C4 = lane 12, C5 = lane 13
C6 = lane 14, C7 = lane 15, C8 = lane 17, C9 = lane 18

M1 = lane 2 (loop), M2 = lane 3 (rhombus), M3 = lane 7 (angle),
M4 = lane 9 (straight lane with target window), M5 = lane 11 (plateau),
M6 = lane 12 (sloped circle with kidney), M7 = lane 13 (sticks),
M8 = lane 15 (pipe), M9 = lane 18 (lightning)

Group A (36)
Germany Logo Polen, Czech Republic Logo Polen, Italy Logo Polen, Slovakia Logo Polen, Netherlands Logo Polen, Latvia Logo Polen

Group B (37)
Sweden Logo Polen, Austria Logo Polen, Switzerland Logo Polen, Denmark Logo Polen, Belgium Logo Polen


Saturday, 6th August
Due to worse weather conditions on the morning of Saturday than in the afternoon, the tournament jury has decided, after considering a written request from team Sweden and Denmark, to extend the training time for training group B on Sunday, 7th August, by one hour, to compensate for the lost training time. Both training groups will have the courses from 11:30 to 12:30.
This means that the updated training schedule for Sunday is as follows:
08:00 - 12:30 Nations training group A
11:30 - 17:00 Nations training group B

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